Medical waivers take time to process, and it is unlikely that one will be approved if you disclose it on that final day. One of my stoner friends moved into my place a few days ago. I've already taken the ASVAB and passed all of the basic MEPS physical tests, including the drug test. The first trip is for initial qualification determination, and enlisting in the Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP). With NOTHING but a black mark against your name. Regardless of what is in the enlistment contract, this is the contract that will apply after you take the oath and go onto active duty. Active duty enlistment contracts can generally not be changed after you sign them and take the oath. Thats your first test for the AF. Does McDonalds give you a uniform to wear if you blow the interview and are not hired to work there? If you fail the drug test at your initial MEPS visit, you just get denied and a letter. You're then ready to take the active-duty oath. The only blood test MEPS performs is the one for HIV at the time of your initial full medical history & physical exam, which is usually done several months before shipping out to Basic Training, regardless of which US military branch you join. Right before taking the active-duty oath, you will meet with a MEPS Interviewer and complete MEPCOM Form 601-23-5-R-E. ). After the weight check, you will generally complete a form that will ask if there have been any changes in your medical condition since your first trip to MEPS. You'll then be briefed on the Military's Separation Policy: Members of the Armed Forces may be involuntarily separated before their enlistment or term of service ends for various reasons established by law and military regulations. Upon arrival at MEPS, you will begin by taking the computerized Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, if not yet completed. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Most people who enlist on active duty make two trips to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). MEPS used to conduct a urinalysis drug test, but this is now accomplished by the individual services during the first or second day of basic training. It's important that you go over this contract carefully. Most applicants will share a room with another applicant and are expected to be considerate of other guests and hotel property. Depending on your answers, you may or may not actually meet with a MEPS doctor. This video I break down the common sense of military drug test to if it's a concern do not get tested. Its a normal test, probably the dollar store variety. Your recruiter should have a drug test kit in the office to ensure you are not positive for drugs before you go to MEPS. The anserw is both yes and no. If you fail it the first time you go to sware in then no. If the individual has not taken the ASVAB prior to attending MEPS they will complete the test before completing the medical screening portion. After completing the form, and going over each answer with the MEPS interviewer, you will be briefed on the contents of Article 83, Article 85, and Article 86 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). You will be drug tested during your medical exam when you first sign up for the military. Typically, these questions are about hidden past drug use or other medical issues that were not fully explained to the recruiter or MEPS. Keep your nose clean ..back straight,,,head up and mouth shut. I would rather work with a fat azz or an 80 GT than a drug addict. Though, if they have a job you would like to do, I suggest signing anyway. Females will have to provide a urine sample to check for pregnancy. Yes and you get veterans benefits too!!!!!!!!!!! Heck, I've been randomly picked to be drug tested 3 times just since I've been pregnant... if you're worried about this now chances are you don't need to try and get in. At some MEPS contract-hotels, you may be required to sign receipt of specific rules-of-conduct. The MEPS facility is the lab. Check with your recruiter BEFORE you go: you will need to bring all documents with you, or else MEPS will disqualify you. A day at MEPS can and will be a long day of testing and screening, so be prepared for a long day of \"hurry up and wait.\" Really? If you exceed the weight standards, you'll undergo a body-fat-measurement. They can't give you a dd214 if you don't have a contract. He's only going to be staying for a few weeks, but my place already reeks of pot. They will feed you dinner and breakfast, but do get rest because the next day will be long. The technician will have made a handful of checks before they have even put the cup down. There are some exceptions to this, but generally, contracts are renegotiated only when in the best interest of the service. They will test you again, when you go back to MEPS to ship off, they test you again at basic, and once more, before you graduate. No responses like " don't do it or whatever". Everyone will undergo a blood-alcohol test, however, to ensure that they are not intoxicated. But the second time you go you have one. I go into a lot more of my MEPS experience in my full MEPS video if you would like to check that out. Yes, I was tested at MEPS right before I shipped out, then tested the same night I got to Basic. Meps is a Military Entrance Processing Station. Generally speaking, the odds of cheating a test are incredibly higher for a civilian than for military personnel. Article 83 covers fraudulent enlistments. If you fail it the second time you go ( they send you to meps the day before boot camp to get shipped out ) then yes. The second trip is for actually enlisting on active duty and shipping off to basic training. No DD214 because you were never on active duty. i repeat do we get our blood pressure taken again? You will turn this envelope into NCO staffing the Military Reception Counter at your destination airport. Before you ship out to san antonio. don't forget to ask for your GI Bill check, and pension benefits as well. When I processed in Louisville, it was like one big party at the hotel. I figured it will be my last chance before I'm actually govt property. It is basically MEPS Medical Lite. The ASVAB should be taken seriously because it will determine not only your ability to get into the Armed Forces … Basically, the job of MEPS is to see if you are medically, physically, and academically qualified for the military. The DD Form 93, when completed, is an official record of beneficiaries designated to receive the six-month death gratuity pay and allowances, in the event of death on active duty (The Serviceman's Group Life Insurance is a different program, which will be accomplished in basic training) The DD Form 93 also contains the name and address of the person(s) to be notified in the event of sickness, emergency, or death. However do you get tested in between the meps and ship date. Usually, the first thing that occurs is a height/weight check. Someone will be staring right at your junk to make sure your specimen is yours, every single time. steriod tests are $800.00... how do i know this, i was a recuiter for 3 years.... the piss test is for barbs, cocaine, amphets, thc (pot). Trust me. The main reason for the hotel is to have you ready to go first thing in the morning together as a group and not waiting for people who sleep in or get stuck in traffic. I have 5 months. It depends on whether the military branch you want to join green-lights the second test. MEPS is assessing your medical fitness for service, before it commences. I'm in the process of enlisting in the US Army. Then, the Basic Training Experience begins........ Rod Powers was the U.S. Military expert for The Balance Careers and was a retired Air Force First Sergeant with 22 years of active duty service. If you exceed the body-fat requirements of the specific serving that you're joining, your processing stops, and you'll be returned home. I was planning to smoke a little weed for a month or 2 and then be clean for the following 3 months of course. The day before you are due to ship out you will report to your recruiter's office, where you will take a drug test and weigh-in, and complete some paperwork. You'll also be piss tested randomly throughout your enlistment so you'll have to get over being pee shy. you go there before joining the military Okay everyone reading I know you will have some judgements but what is done is done and I know what youre going to say. I passed the drug test at meps and I know you get drug tested at bct. They won't call you for a random in between your meps and ship date, but you will more than likely get tested very soon after arriving at basic. Source: went to meps over 10 years ago If you have taken the ASVAB test within 24 months prior to arriving at MEPS and received a qualifying score, you do not need to retake the test. What do you think of the answers? MEPS used to conduct a urinalysis drug test, but this is now accomplished by the individual services during the first or second day of basic training. my recruiter says they do but 2 guys i have talked to said they didn't have to. How to Enlist in the Army a Step-By-Step Guide, Learn About the Military Delayed Enlistment Program, The Complete Guide of the Enlistment Process for the U.S. Air Force. If you fale the Medical you get sent home. No. This is a chance and in some cases a second chance. There are also two different urine tests; one is the legal drug urine and the other tests for pH, blood, protein and specific gravity. If you do not live near a MEPS, the ASVAB can be administered at a satellite location called a Military Entrance Test (MET) site. If you test positive for drugs, you may be able to reapply and take a second test after 90 days. The day before you ship...You go back to meps for a phyiscal and yes the test and a few questions.....Dont sell yourself short. If your pregnant they will indeed catch it and put you out. Can You Be Recalled to Active Military Duty After Getting Out? they'll test you before you swear in at meps. You go to MEPS sometimes, might depend on the location of enlistment, then you go to the hotel. ok im in the dep for the navy and i ship in like 15 what i want to know is when we go to meps to ship out, when we get are height and weight, drug testing and sign the new contract, swear in and get our plane tickets do we get our blood pressure taken again? Look don't listen to these people they don't know what they are talking about. Will nuclear war happen this month or early next year? Females will be tested for pregnancy. Whether or not you are extended in the DEP, to ship at a later date (after you lose the weight) is up to the service you are trying to join. The primary purpose of this session is to give you one final chance to "come clean" on any false information that may be included on your enlistment documents or to provide information about any additional medical, drug, or criminal problems that occurred while you were in the DEP. No DD214 because you were never on active duty. If you have a new medical condition that is disqualifying, you may be sent home. Until you ship to basic and sign your final contract, you can still technically back out. If your recruiter told you that you would be enlisting as an E-3, and this contract says you're enlisting as an E-1, then you're enlisting as an E-1. If you have any illness, aches, sprains, or pains from recent injury, it is likely you will be asked to come back later and not be cleared at this time. How to Pass. You have to be fully healthy. Therefore, it's important that you let your recruiter know about any changes in your medical condition as soon as possible so that they have time to process a medical waiver BEFORE you make the second trip to MEPS. BTW there are no scars visable on my stomach what-so-ever but you can feel the injection port with your hand. You could not refrain from drug use for a few days before MEPS? Some unacceptable conduct may be grounds for involuntary separation, such as: Following the pre-accession interview, and the separations policy briefing, you'll receive a pre-oath briefing (how to stand at attention, bending your elbow at a 90-degree angle, etc). He smokes on the weekends only, and does it sparingly up until two weeks before his next drill and hasn't failed a random in 4 years of smoking. For example, the temperature strip is check as soon as you hand it off. All three articles are applicable once you take the active-duty oath. You'll take a hearing test, and an eye exam, including depth perception and color vision. Females will have to provide a urine sample to check for pregnancy. Where Do You Go to Join the U.S. Military? Start with honor..respect..unity..and duty. Once you take the oath, you are on active duty. Can You Transfer from the Reserves to Active Duty? If you talk about drugs to your buddies while at Basic or AIT they will tattle. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Not being allowed to enlist on account of you being stupid does not make you a veteran. Yes you are tested when you first get to basic. AGAIN just before you ship out to Boot Camp. What to Expect in Your First Visit to MEPS, What the Recruiter Never Told You About Enlistment Contracts, What the Recruiter Never Told You About Job Selection in the Military, Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions - 8411 - Recruiter, Examples of False Statements on Recruiting Paperwork, Medical Forms Used By The MEPS During US Military Enlistment. Service starts with the oath, which is usually the final step at MEPS. My old grow partner was full time, then went deserve. i've heard that you'll take one when you arrive to basic for sure which is expected but what about at meps? If you are over the body-fat standards when you report to MEPS, you're not shipping out to basic training. Still have questions? Another form you will be required to complete is the DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data. In the Marine Corps, you will take the Initial Strength Test (IST) to determine if you are fit enough to become a Marine. Now Im going to be very honest. No. they will do a blood draw and if your numbers are elevated it will flag the doctor and this will prevent your entrance.. so dont risk it. that is my question do we get our blood pressure taken again? Meals and/or overnight lodging accommodations, if needed, will be arranged for you. If so, the service will generally put one individual in charge as the "group commander," to ensure that everyone arrives at the final destination. Once you're on the plane try to relax and not think about why will happen. In the Marine Corps, you will take the Initial Strength Test (IST) to determine if you are fit enough to become a Marine. i ship next week and im just curious about meps, do they make you take another drug test right before you leave? Get answers by asking now. However, I'm waiting for a consult on some x-rays. Dude you better play it straight. Following the oath, you will be given a sealed envelope that contains your necessary papers (medical records, enlistment contract, activation orders, travel orders, etc). If you fail the drug test at your initial MEPS visit, you just get denied and a letter. All the controlled substances tested for metabolize in a few days. The counselor will go over your active duty enlistment contract with you. Once you hand over your specimen, the screening begins. This is my brief experience of the pee test at MEPS. The last component of the MEPS before taking the oath of enlistment is to pick out the job or jobs that you’re interested in doing. Nothing challenging really, but a long wait in hospital waiting rooms, taking the ASVAB, and getting sworn into the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) if all checks out with your medical evaluation and testing scores. 8) Your time at MEPS is all in what you make it. Getting out of the Military Is Much Harder Than Getting In, What to Consider Before Joining The Air Force, Advice for When You Meet Your Military Recruiter. Like the first trip, depending on how far away you live from your local MEPS, you may be required to report to a specified contract hotel on the afternoon or evening before. While there please don't do anything stupid. All MEPS applicants’ urine samples are tested for three things—glucose, protein, and a comprehensive drug test—and female applicants’ urine samples are additionally tested for HCG (pregnancy). I have a lap band and am considering the military.An AF recruiter told me not to mention that i have had it done and told me that MEPs will not touch me and I am afraid that they will discover the lap band injection port that is under the surface of my skin located in the abdomin area. I already took my drug test at meps. No. Articles 85 and 86 are concerned with Desertion and Absent Without Leave (AWOL). The Navy will finalize the job selection during the MEPS, while the Air Force will let recruits pick from a pool of jobs and then inform them of which job out of those 7 they were given. Following medical approval, you will meet with a counselor from the service that you are joining. second, no, meps does not do steriod tests upon entrance of the military. If you fail the drug test at your second MEPS visit, after being in DEP and before shipping, and before swearing in the active force all you get is an order discharging you from the IRR DEP. Because you are not officially in the Military until you take the Oath. A DD214 is for VETERANS. hey, first off, tren is not a steriod. They definitely drug test at meps every chance they have. If you fail the drug test at your second MEPS visit, after being in DEP and before shipping, and before swearing in the active force all you get is an order discharging you from the IRR DEP. The same holds true for any special enlistment bonus, and special ops program (18x, SEAL Challenge, Option 40 Ranger contract, and Air Force Special Warfare). After Basic, you can get randomly tested at any time: tech school (AIT), your first base etc. When you go to MEPS to ship out, you will be put through something called an Inspect Physical. The interviewer will go over the form with you.