Offer the ensnared drow hope through the song of Eilistraee, and love them if they cannot hear your song. Wiki Le Monde des Royaumes Oubliés (French), Organizations in the Promenade of the Dark Maiden, Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition, Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark, Sean K. Reynolds (October 2002), Drow social relationships, Wizards of the Coast,, In the 1490s DR, the followers of Eilistraee managed to gain the sponsorship of the. However, I wouldn't mind at all if someone else decided to take the content and port it as Fantasy Ground or D&DBeyond content. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. It was through this spell that the priestesses traveled to the surface for their missions. [32][33][34], The celebration usually continued until the moonglow faded from the body of the priestess, or until dawn. [2], The main work of the church of Eilistraee was reaching drow trapped in Lolth's web, aiding them, and providing them with a new life and future on the surface. LYSK video, for example, when talking about Qilué (whom they don't state as dead, btw, but it might be an error on their side), rather than spending a couple words to explain Eilistraee, they dismiss her as "the goddess of drow... who aren't drow". Some priestesses initially disliked this change, and would show distrust towards aspiring priests, as they feared they could be merely hungry for power. However, no rule in this document has been playtested, as I don't have the possibility to do so. When not dictated by necessity, places of worship were chosen in a similar fashion to those dedicated to the Seldarine: followers of Eilistraee used natural places that needed little modification where they could live in harmony with their surroundings, leaving few traces of their passage. [79] Among the faithful of Eilistraee, the souls of the newly transformed dark elves were allowed by Corellon Larethian to enter Arvandor (even though Eilistraee's realm, which continued existing,[66] already was in Arvandor, and so were the souls of her followers within it). But regardless I love this domain thank you! As a result, a considerable number of Lolth's former followers sought alternatives in the other deities of the Dark Seldarine. [73] The battle caused the seals on Ghaunadaur's prison to break and his avatar to escape. Being away from D&D for a long time I needed an update of things. They were to feed themselves by their own gardening and hunting skills, and assist hunters when possible. Many cleric chose individual, specific titles that reflected their personality during an Evensong (or Flamesong in the Promenade), like Moon Dancer, Moon Singer, Dark Huntress, Argent Maid, Living Sword, Unsheathed Blade, Sword Smith, Bright Edge of Darkness, and Ghost of the Moonstruck Night. Credits to Alexander Henry, who provided precious feedback (and who came up with the new Channel Divinity and many of the features). Tradition allowed the use of any kind of bladed weapon and armor, but the priestesses were required to wear as little as possible. [3][26][27], Clerics of Eilistraee could be of any race, but before the 1300s DR, they had to be female. 7.2: Added the Darksong Knight paladin Oath. This event alone severely weakened the Dark Maiden's followers, but when the Ilythiiri and surviving Miyeritari were transformed into the drow and banished from the surface world at the end of the Fourth Crown War (−10,000 DR, in the Descent of the Drow), Eilistraee's church nearly collapsed, with only a few ancient, sacred sites of power built before the Crown Wars surviving (in the Misty Forest, along the borders of the High Moor, and in the Shaar). [3] (However, hearing the Dark Maiden's hunting horn could also simply mean that someone nearby was in need of help. Eilistraee the Dark Maiden is the more controversial among drow, as she is the goddess of moonlight, freedom, and most significantly surface-dwelling drow. You should replace the background and revise the formatting. [24] The priestesses of Eilistraee were also tasked with protecting their people from danger, and with building a place in the surface world for them to live, by establishing friendships and relationships with other races. They would sing freely for their goddess and dance following the rhythm of the music as it came, until the flame was extinguished. They offered guides, rented out warehouses, and sponsored merchants. Most older books are in scanned image format because original digital layout files never existed or were no longer available from the publisher. Eilistraee doesn't really reflect that, but there's an oath that seems to be crafted just for her, and that's the Oath of … Basic Information [5], The church of Eilistraee was little known and poorly understood by inhabitants of the surface world. Rewrote the Channel Divnity and the lv 17 features of the Sword Dancer domain, to make them more in line with the design of the other domains. On the same date, Q'arlynd failed to accomplish his mission and Vhaeraun attempted to kill Eilistraee. These followers and converts, who had to hide their faith in order to let it spread and to survive under the thumb of Lolth, were known as Secret Moondancers. [24][25] They sheltered, fed, and healed any drow lost in the surface world, and actively reached for them in the Underdark. My DM's letting me give your Sword Dancer v2 domain a try, but I did notice something when making my character. Eilistraee appears as a drow female of extraordinary beauty. Also, I note that you grant the Sword Dancer proficiency with longsword and greatsword, even though you say earlier, "These priests also train in swordplay, particularly in the use of Eilistraee's favourite weapon--the bastard sword..." I feel like you should replace greatsword with bastard sword. Fearing that Qilué would lose her life in the ritual, Laeral froze her in time and went to seek help, but, in the meantime, the drow priestess was found by the Lady Penitent, who took hold of the Crescent Blade. [32][33][34], All the clergy of Eilistraee and other deities formed a circle around the place of the ceremony, facing outwards with weapons ready, to protect the lovers and celebrants during the dance. Added some "ribbons" to the part about Eilistraee's personality. This included lending their swords to fight against evil, helping others, and providing food and healing to assist people of any race in need, both to gain their acceptance (by dispelling fears and prejudices about Eilistraee's goal) and because it was just the right thing to do. I think maybe this should be a level progression of the ability that the dance provides at level 7 at the earliest. Find Joy. It was soon after tricked into attaching itself to a fleeing Nightshadow, who sacrificed himself for the Masked Lady by going through a portal that led to "a plane of endless mazes", dying in the process but trapping the still-attached avatar there. Thank you so much for this, it is tremendously useful. Discover (and save!) After that, the couple kissed, while the Dark Lady removed their robes, covering them also in moonglow. A commission I made of a friend's D&D character. Update 11: Added a section on Eilistraeen orders in the main document. Okay, new tablet, skillz are a little rusty. And here's how the names and their accents all … [5], Some followers of Eilistraee, like the Silverhair Knights[8] or priestesses like Jhelnae Horlbar,[9] infiltrated and lived in Lolthite drow settlements, hiding from the clergy of the Spider Queen or posing as her followers, in order to carry out the above-mentioned missions. If possible, the ritual had to be celebrated in a wooded area and on moonlit nights. You can write your adventure while not contradicting any canon. I am working on my own content so I am always willing to give someone else's content a chance :). She comes from a village of surface-dwelling good drow, but spends her life on long term missions to the Underdark in the hopes of evangelizing her evil, Lolth-worshipping kin to follow the light of Eilistraee. Priestesses of Eilistraee may come in many forms, but the three most common forms are: Cleric or Paladin. An example was the portal in Menzoberranzan (located in an abandoned warehouse near the outer wall), created by a powerful priestess of the Dark Maiden who had already joined the goddess in the Last Dance before the 1300s DR, and whose name was a secret known to few. Pouvoir intermédiaire. I asked him originally because I was pondering how NPCs would react to my group's paladin of Eilistraee.