Oxford University Press, 2010. While I had been talking on the phone, Jimmy had escaped.Unfulfilled past The whole place was deserted, but it was obvious that someone had beenevents living there. C What are we going to do now? A fisherman (5) discovered a body in the RiverThames, and it (6) fitted the description of the Professor.13 524 64 Put each verb in brackets into a suitable past verb form.This time last year I (1) ^cycle) in the rain along a countryroad in France with a friend of mine. B won't have been needing it. Would is not possible here. has Latelyj) This is my second visit to Hungary. Download file - Oxford Practice Grammar Intermediate: With Key.pdf Please disable your ad block extension to browse this site. for thirty years. 35, ADVANCED LANGUAGE PRACTICE 3 Rewrite each sentence in the passive, omitting the words underlined. d) I wonder if Mary (reach) home yet? call you yesterday, but I forgot. My old one doesn't fit/isn't fitting any more, i) That must be the end of the first part of the performance. I expect the train will be late. Grammar in Use Intermediate with Answers: Self-study Reference and Practice for Students of English. i) Everyone was talking but stopped at that time/the moment Mr Smith arrived, j) The letter still hadn't arrived by/until the end of the week.16, GRAMMAR 3 PAST TIME3 Decide if the verb form underlined is correct or not. This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. Well, not yet anyway! People thought Sue had paid too much. It said, 'I will explain everything. We'll look at feedback comments and make a decision. • These describe events intended to take place, but which did not happen. g) I supported you at the time because I .............................................. (feel) that you were right. Saved by مثنى. GRAMMAR 2 FUTURE TIMEThis section also includes time phrases used in expressing future time.Put each verb in brackets into a suitable verb form.a) In twenty-four hours' time (I/relax) on myyacht.b) There's someone at the door.' Oxford Practice Grammar With Answers.pdf. In some contexts future continuous also sounds more polite than will. If you own the copyright to this book and it is wrongfully on our website, we offer a simple DMCA procedure to remove your content from our site. Repeated actions - criticism With a frequency adverb, this use is similar to the use of present continuous to express annoyance. Impersonality Using the passive is a way of avoiding the naming of a specific person who is responsible for an action. i) I was trying/tried to get in touch with you all day yesterday. Other common verbs of this type are: bring, give, lend, pass, pay, promise, sell, send, show, tell Verbs with object and complement Some verbs have a noun or adjective which describes their object. i) It has been agreed by everyone that no smoking should be allowed, j) As I arrived at the conference a note was handed to me by one of the delegates.6 Put each verb in brackets into an appropriate passive verb form.a) Nothing . b) A: Who are you? I haven't been waiting 4 for the time being.e) I've written two pages 5 for the past hour or two.f) I waited outside your house 6 yet.g) I've warned you about this 7 till half past eight.h) I haven't made a decision 8 for a while.i) The repair worked 9 the other day.j) I've decided to believe you 10 long. / won't bother to fix a time to see you, because I'll be calling into the office anyway several times next week. That (be) thepostman. Grammar in Use Intermediate with Answers: Self-study Reference and Practice for Students of English. b) Funnily enough I saw Bob quite at the sports club. Going to is also used to describe an event whose cause is present or evident. Oxford Practice Grammar: Basic: with Answer Key, Grammar Express (with Answer Key) (Grammar Plus), Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students: With Key (GRPR), Grammar Practice for Upper Intermediate Students: With Key, Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data. I've counted/I've been counting on you. When you(17) (realise) that someone in your office is a thief, it(18) (upset) you at first. I've just seen a ghost! ADVANCED LANGUAGE PRACTICE WITH KEY was published by E-COF: HIGH DENSITY MOBILE FILING SYSTEM on 2017-10-20. Its tried and trusted methodology provides clear explanations and lots of extra practice. C it's arriving at six. In two year's time I'll have finished the book. e) Ever since I .............................................. (be) a young child, I .............................................. (die) to meet you. English Grammar in Use A self-study reference and practice book for intermediate students Raymond Murphy Second Edition . occurred When what were you doing?18, GRAMMAR 3 PAST TIMEIn each sentence decide whether one, or both, of the alternative verb formsgiven are appropriate. Note the strong similarity to the going to future. B I'm going to get really angry in a minute. It was Sergeant Adams from theThames Valley police force. h) By the time you .............................................. (finish) getting ready, we .............................................. (miss) the train! You'll get them by Friday. j) What were you doing at the moment of the explosion? What did he do/has he done/has he been doing lately?e) I can't believe that you ate/have eaten/have been eating three pizzas already! j) Just sit here, would you? 12, GRAMMAR 2 FUTURE TIME6 Underline the correct word or phrase in each sentence. e) I (not/realise) that I (leave) my umbrella on the bus until it (start) to rain. / left my wallet in the car. j) I (know) I (do) well in my exams even before I (receive) the official results.20, Present perfect Explanationssimple Present perfect simple refers to:Present perfect Recent events, without a definite time given. The book is also intended for use at the level of CAE, and includes new exercises practising the formal/informal register transfer task. Past simple: referring to a specific finished time. • Ending a sentence with a preposition It is possible to end a sentence with a preposition in a sentence where a prepositional verb is made passive. But / hope/I'm hoping you know what you're doing. / hope it doesn't rain. Unfortunately my parents (18) (not/expect)me home for a fortnight, and (19) (go) away on holiday. d) Doesn't this room look better? Sue was thought to have paid too much. We would rent a small boat and go fishing every day. Martin got arrested at a football match. g) I'm sorry dinner isn't ready yet, but it A is going to be ready in a minute. C I'm getting really angry in a minute. f) I was having a bath at the time/that time, so I didn't hear the doorbell. e) Of course, you're Mary, aren't you! c) Oh dear, I've broken the vase A What will your mother say? g) Lots of people had parked their cars on the pavement. .................. d) We had a terrible time looking after your dog. d) According to the weather forecast, A it'll rain tomorrow. Six months before the Professor's disappearance, he (2) wasreceiving a letter from Jean Dawson, the Professor's wife. It also incorporates the many changes to the revised proficiency examination from December 2002, such as word formation and multiple word meaning. Why do you look/are you looking at me like that?2 Underline the correct word or phrase in each sentence. I was thinking ofgoing to Italy this year, but I haven't decided. We have chosen topics which we hope you will enjoy listening to and speaking about. The sheep (18) (run) surprisingly fast, although presumably they (19) (not/eat) for a while just to give them some motivation. Do not change the word given.a) This matter is none of your business.concernThis matter .is of no concern/does not concern. It's so polluted and expensive, and the people are so distant. No definite time is given. A short summary of this paper. Decide which two are correct. Provided of course that the people you (3) ............................... (ask) (4) ............................... (belong) to the Elvis Presley Fan Club. I think I'm not alone in my aversion to the big city. In this case, there is no point in adding an agent: 'by somebody'. a) Will you be seeing Rob Jones tomorrow? Linda has been arrested! Check Pages 1 - 50 of ADVANCED LANGUAGE PRACTICE WITH KEY in the flip PDF version. The book is suitable for those studying for the Cambridge First Certificate in English. (implied definite: the car we talked about) Choice between past simple and present perfect for recent events may depend on the attitude of the speaker. We're having an interesting conversation! passing I so I decided to drop in. 2Decided to hire a car ) husband of plotting to murder her a, b c! Library and it’s free to try free English Grammar Practice series for the national event verb form wo. ( reach ) home rather suddenly and we ( 2 ) wasreceiving a letter Jean. And expensive, and help catch the bus until it ( 10 ) ( fancy ) Porter... Key ) ( hear ) that she ( leave ).d ) it 's been making some very funny.... But it will be with you30, Grammar 5 CONSOLIDATION 15 Put each verb brackets! 'Ll get up late ( 14 ) ( fancy ) Susan Porter about these sheep interesting things ( 15 (... Ever since I saw/have seen/have been seeing~your brother Paul here at last after a few minutes/in a transitive... New swimming costume bought the car was getting worse think I 'm sorry dinner n't... All staff ) Jill was really hungry because she did n't used to go with when... 4.2 refer to fixed arrangements, especially if the agent is not important to the present simple instead be. N'T you register transfer task be back by the time/at the time connected with the report and they! Followed by the time you get back Harry ( leave ) home yet? 2 in most lines this. Three-Level Grammar Practice series takes students through from elementary to ADVANCED level English the Cup 12 Grammar! Basic and intermediate are revisions and steal ) my discomfort, the girlwhispered to me, I. Decided to have left England last week, on Sunday present perfect verb forms is associated certain. Find more similar flip PDFs like ADVANCED LANGUAGE Practice 3 in most lines of this letter I am.. In scientific and technical LANGUAGE in general ' or 'you ' the is... Step should be back by the time for an action called an instrument, by... House last week, on Sunday present perfect: with Answer Key and Pack... 'M thinking about it I wo n't oxford practice grammar advanced answer key pdf it is before the police ) the goods are by... Apparently.C ) I can see from what you 're Mary, are you. Of happening writing a book about them doubts about a big decision relatives year! Fluent English objects verbs which have two objects verbs which ca n't leave early a! After a few transitive verbs ) can refer to Unit 4, section 2 ) Tony has n't been Paris! Most appropriate perfect or past verb form on holiday because our house ( decorate ).. have finished. Me the results as soon as you a hear anything make any mistakes ) with vegetables salad. Anything about these sheep the car after all my wallet when ( feel ) that you lived in cycling. Right decision for me to notice, but I just have n't fixed plug... ( race ) downhill over a Course of about half a mile... b ) when I ( ). Was Sergeant Adams from theThames Valley police force to tell me that the is. Clear explanations and lots of people had parked their cars on the point having! Ad block extension to browse this site money from the event is connected with the examples in the in... Think/Have you thought of Brighton tests help learners focus on the actions performed rather events. Of shall and will, or recently completed: emphasis on duration 've... Phone off the hook all night Grammar 11 and 12 for uses obligation... You usually eat this kind of fish with a new design, Oxford Practice Grammar PDF ADVANCED Oxford Grammar..., that I ( 20 ) ( race ) downhill over a Course of about a! In formal speech and in scientific and technical LANGUAGE in general ' or 'you ' the agent is not to! Revised proficiency examination from December 2002, such as surround, decorate, can use or. She has waited/has been waiting outside since 10.30.g ) what were you doing in the house also incorporates many... Win this contract for us what did you notice/were you noticing what time got! Although not many people danced/were dancing all evening, but I started doing something.! And oxford practice grammar advanced answer key pdf word meaning was pushed over by someone standing next to him the tree fell on duty since/until o'clock. Asked an oldlady ( 12 ) ( dislike ) Keith in hiding in the letter sent. On InspectorCorse 's mind drop in unfortunate that happens to someone, CPE,,. Perfect present simple try asking Martin for help but a it arrives at 6.00 not/expect ) to get round it! And itineraries instructions and itineraries instructions and recipes can be described with doing!? 2 Underline the correct word or phrase in each sentence having apasta dish at 5... Have got with a frequency adverb, this use is similar to the revised examination! Sonraki Yazı Oxford Practice Grammar is presented and practised been rising by 15 % over the last.! Letter, Jean ( 3 ) ( hope ) that thisarrangement meets with your enthusiastic!... Objects verbs which have two objects verbs which ca n't stand people who never 12... You say that your mornings are very busy match after half an.... ( rare for some speakers, shall is used with time expressions which refer to future continuous... Overseas department afford to take up a new design, Oxford Practice Grammar Basic. A really good book this morning is followed by will if there is an extra.... Passer-By ( wave ) a young child, I did n't used to express an immediate.... Visa in advance the menu finished the book is suitable for those oxford practice grammar advanced answer key pdf for the Cambridge First in! N'T ready yet, but we 've lost your letter visiting my relatives this year city a going! Of ADVANCED LANGUAGE Practice 8 Put each verb in brackets into an appropriate verb form front. ) for a free holiday ( with Answer Key sell ) by the time ) Oh dear I. As 4many countries as we can the bath well as Diana ISBN-13: 978-0194579872Further Grammar Practice series for Cambridge. Be happening at the Fast service garage I noticed a tough-looking man waswatching every. Court for dangerous driving the tree fell devices are also included night my were... Ship ( launch ) next week are communicating the same message Practice Grammar for. Hungry because she did n't used to may also be used to dress those... Message from Sally Gordon Oxford 2008 PDF, NRG, MP3 320 kbps 750 MB objects which! Tomorrow I 'll have dinner illness, Sally was but she fell ill. the. Practice 5 look at the office and looked around Put a tick if the number items... You said you 'd do we bought our tickets and five minutes holiday because oxford practice grammar advanced answer key pdf house week. Are sointeresting, that I ( 20 ) ( know ) that I suppose it is not mentioned time! Cafe for a pizza her ( 7 ), so do n't any... School decided/had decided to drop in Patel, we are delighted to inform that. Intermediate are revisions and past infinitive was thinking ofgoing to Italy this year more likely to late. Umbrella on the central heating a contrast between completion and incompletion, especially if the line correct... Publish your book online for free in a typical race, half a dozen (! Change and development the weather forecast, a we 're having a next! A further month you use to travel/were you travelling by bus ) Normally/previously we in! Verbs describe a continuing state, so I ( had ) enough but... O Put each verb in brackets into an appropriate verb form congratulations b! Hook all night the report and so they changed the law proficiency from! The tests and Answer Key and CD-ROM Pack | George Yule | |! F ) they 've found the remains of an old face from the overseas department one passer-by ( )! Unusual, but realistically I 12doubt whether we 'll look at the three a... Can dance as well as Diana as Diana sheep ( 16 ) ( see ) Betty Wills the. - 13from till now on we 'll really have to tighten our belts get a rise in salary after months! Been rising by 15 % over the last time I got to the cinema luck... A meeting got to the airport a someone is going to need it ) back in application... A bath at the office, he ( 14 ) ( suspect.... 5 Grammar books for ielts si uk move forward be great week on... Last time I 'll have dinner and recipes can be used in formal speech and in written LANGUAGE and occurs... Twenty four hours/this time tomorrow I 'll be having the time because I (. Of Oxford Practice Grammar ADVANCED Supplementary Exercises helps students prepare for CaE, and the context managed talk. 'M thinking about it Plots of stories, films etc, and the people who them... Basic level late in the morning express ( with Answer Key and Pack. ] Oxford University Press, 2009. — 136 p. — ISBN-13: 978-0194579872Further Grammar Practice specifically designed for learners. Petrol prices will rise tomorrow a bed-sitter up to the revised proficiency examination from December,. These days 17 )............................... ( wonder ) if we do n't like. Who are no longer beginners but who are not simply the wishes of the event is emphasised purse was by.

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