In B major, that means B, E and F#. Chord 1: Major 7ths “Cma7” Let’s build up from the bottom of our 2 handed chord voicings for Cma7: This is the bottom note in your left hand, and it’s always the root of the chord, the note the chord (Cma7) is named (in this case C). The Lesson steps then explain the triad chord construction from this scale, and how to name the quality of each chord based on note intervals.. For a quick summary of this topic, and to see the chord quality chart for this scale, have a look at Scale chord. We can also build the following four-note seventh chords by using the notes of B Major: B Major 7 th: B D# F# A# How do you play a major chord on the piano? These three chords form the basis of a huge number of popular songs. B major chords. B chords. B Major is a major triad, built up of the root, the major third, and the perfect fifth: Here is how those notes are actually distributed across your fretboard. A half-step means that there are no piano keys in between. The B chord on the piano is a more difficult chord to negotiate. The Solution below shows the B major scale triad chords (I, ii, iii, IV, V, vi, vii o) on a piano, with mp3 and midi audio.. Chord vii° – A# diminished: A# C# E; Like in all major scales, building a chord on the seventh note of the minor scale will produce a diminished chord. B Major, BM, BMaj Piano Chord B D# F# Pre Staff Level 1, easy Level 2, late beginner Level 3, early intermediate Intermediate and Advanced Christmas Sheet … Additionally, you can Download our Piano Companion FREE app which is used by millions of users worldwide and contains more than 10,000+ chords and scales. Piano Keys to Play B Major Second Inversion Chords. Extended Chords. moving it away from your body). ... Bmaj7 - B major seventh (B 7) BmM7 - B minor major seventh B6 - B major sixth Bm6 - B minor sixth B6/9 - B sixth/ninth (sixth added ninth) B5 - B fifth B9 - B dominant ninth Bm9 - B minor ninth In major keys, major chords are found on the I, IV and V (1st, 4th and 5th) degrees of the scale. The major seventh of a B Major Seventh chord is A#. B F# B D# F. Here’s how you might play the same chord on the piano: The Maj 7th. Piano chords with the root note B including pictures and explanation. Notes used in B Major Second Inversion Chord: F♯ + B + D♯ There are two awkwardly placed black keys (D# and F#), so make sure that you move the thumb (playing the white key B) further into the keyboard (i.e. To play a major chord, begin by choosing a root note, which can be any of the keyboard notes From the root note, count up two whole steps. This note is the “third,” named for being the third note in the key beginning with the root note. B, BM, BΔ, B maj, B Major Notes: B, D♯, F♯ B Major chord on a piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, violin, viola, cello and double upright bass. The major seventh is a half-step from the Root. Chord 6 is the tonic of B Major’s relative minor — G# Minor.