Africa had passed to Rome, and Cyrenaica itself, bequeathed by Apion, the last Ptolemaic sovereign, was become (in combination with Crete) a Roman province (after 96 B.C. The Khivans contested the advance of the Tekkes, but ultimately, about 1856, the latter became the sovereign power in the country, and remained so until the Russians occupied the oasis in 1883. The result of the war was to make Russia supreme at Constantinople; and before long an opportunity of further increasing her influence was created by Mehemet Ali, the ambitious pasha of Egypt, who in November 1831 began a war with his sovereign in Syria, gained a series of victories over the Turkish forces in Asia Minor and threatened Constantinople. In 1820 the city became the principal residence of the sovereign and soon afterwards of foreign consuls, and thus practically the seat of government. He also defeated in turn the Chola, Pandya and Kerala kings, and by 630 was beyond dispute the most powerful sovereign in the Deccan. Is there a sovereign remedy for this condition? A 2011 FBI report found that sovereign citizens were found to be engaged in financial crimes and frauds, with many in the movement seeking to evade taxes or dispose of debt. Under the constitution the king, as hereditary sovereign, possessed full executive powers, and the initiative in proposing laws. Be warned. It was not till tie following day that the sovereign's style was altered to Victoria simply, and this necessitated the issuing of a new declaration and a re-signing of the peers' roll. It consisted of the king and the Black Prince, and 24 knights divided into two bands of 12 like the tilters in a hastilude - at the head of the one being the first, and of the other the second; and to the companions belonging to each, when the order had superseded the Round Table and had become a permanent institution, were assigned stalls either on the sovereign's or the prince's side of St George's Chapel. His arms were successful both in Europe and Asia, and he was the first Ottoman sovereign to be styled "sultan," which title he induced the titular Abbasid caliph to confer on him. 40-Year-Old ‘Sovereign’ S’porean Lady Now Faces 6 Charges. and Elizabeth of the States - General, as a sovereign power, with whom treaties could be concluded. 16. Since the days of Godfrey and Baldwin I., Egypt had been a 3 Manuel was an ambitious sovereign, apparently aiming at a world-monarchy, such as was afterwards attempted from the other side by Henry VI. Under the Constitution of the 5th of February 1857, subsequently modified in many important particulars, the government of Mexico is described as a federation of free and sovereign states invested with representative and democratic institutions. In 1469 they recognized Matthias Corvinus, king of Hungary, as their sovereign, but in 1490 they came again under the rule of the Bohemian king. Their judicial proclamations range from grandiloquent declarations of, 22. Asked by Wiki User. sovereign in a sentence - Use "sovereign" in a sentence 1. It was not frequently employed as a legislative body after the two assemblies of the tribes, which were easier to summon and organize, had been recognized as possessing sovereign rights. Angola sentences ex-president’s son to five-year jail for fraud. No place was reckoned to be a town unless it had received a Rise of charter from its sovereign or its local lord. The title of the sovereign is king of Bavaria, that of his presumptive heir is crown-prince of Bavaria, and during the minority or incapacity of the sovereign a regency is declared, which is vested in the nearest male agnate capable of ascending the throne. In what followed it must always be remembered that Lord Derby began by emphatically rejecting the first Boer draft of a treaty on the ground that no treaty was possible except between equal sovereign states. There was hardly a sovereign or a government in Christendom against which Pius IX. Menaced, however, by Louis' brother-in-law, Otto the Great, and excommunicated by the council of Ingelheim (948), the powerful vassal was forced to make submission and to restore Laon to his sovereign. He again led the vanguard in the emperor Henry's expedition against Burilas the Bulgarian, and he is represented by the Valenciennes scribe as encouraging his sovereign to the attack in a long speech. In 1703 it was revived by Queen Anne, when it was ordained to consist of the sovereign and 12 knights companions, the number being increased to 16 by statute in 1827. in 1788, to consist of the sovereign, the lord lieutenant of Ireland as grand master and 15 knights companions, enlarged to 22 in 1833. in 1725, to consist of the sovereign, a grand master and 36 knights companions. After the prompt suppression of this rebellion, the Committee became sovereign in the direction of Ottoman affairs. 4. and James II. On the death of Anne in 1714, George, elector of Hanover, eldest son of Sophia (youngest child of the princess Elizabeth), and Ernest, elector of Brunswick-Luneburg, or Hanover, consequently became sovereign of Great Britain and Ireland, and, notwithstanding somewhat formidable attempts in behalf of the elder Stuart line in 1715 and 1745, the Hanoverian succession has remained uninterrupted and has ultimately won universal assent. He carried out the wishes of the new sovereign and after the intrigues of a few months he had the satisfaction of securing the dismissal of Lawrence Hyde, earl of Rochester, from his post as lord treasurer. The Past Ancient Rome. It was the language of the founders of the American constitution and contemporary political writers; the language, for example, of Paine: "In republics such as there are established in America the sovereign power, or the power over which there is no control and which controls all others, remains where nature placed it - in the people" (Dissertations on Government, i.6). This famous book is an analysis of the methods whereby an ambitious man may rise to sovereign power. little love, and when the death of the duke of Clarence's second infant daughter Elizabeth in 1821 made it pretty certain that Princess Victoria would eventually become queen, the duchess felt that the king might possibly obtain the support of his, ministersif he insisted that the future sovereign should be brought up under masters and mistresses designated by himself. few weeks later the Polish commander-in-chief formed a whole series of conspiracies for the purpose of dethroning his lawful sovereign, and openly placed himself beneath the protection of Louis XIV. The old city palace facing upon Praca 15 de Novembro, once the residence of the fugitive Portuguese sovereign Dom Joao VI., is a good example. In our days when a knight is personally made he kneels before the sovereign, who lays a sword drawn, ordinarily the sword of state, on either of his shoulders and says, " Rise," calling him by his Christian name with the addition of " Sir " before it. 32. Sovereign in a sentence 31. TOP STORIES / Business Banking Is the ECB allowed to buy sovereign bonds? He held a portion of a foreign sovereign, the emperor, and other portions of the duke of Burgundy, of two archbishops, of four bishops, and of the abbot of St Denis. ; she had caused laws and writs to run in her own name, she had neglected to exact the oath of allegiance to the sovereign, though carefully exacting an oath of fidelity to her own government, she had protected the regicides, she had coined money with her own seal, she had blocked legal appeals to the English courts, she had not compelled the observance of the navigation acts. On the other hand, the peshwa was careful to obtain the sanction of his nominal sovereign at Satara to every important act of state. They are dipped in water, which is given to ailing cattle and human beings as a sovereign remedy for diseases. There is no doubt that Leo recognized Charles as sovereign of Rome. From the Cambridge English Corpus The sovereign's relationship with the public was a touchy subject, since the former could limit freedom of the press. 100 examples: In both instances, the maintenance of civil peace had been used to justify the… 17. As this prince belonged, like Firdousi, to the Shiah sect, while Mahmud and Maimandi were Sunnites, and as he was also politically opposed to the sultan, Hasan Maimandi did not fail to make the most of this incident, and accused the poet of disloyalty to his sovereign and patron, as well as of heresy. In spite of her first refusal to submit, she was induced by the arguments of the vice-chamberlain, Sir Christopher Hatton, to appear before this tribunal on condition that her protest should be registered against the legality of its jurisdiction over a sovereign, the next heir of the English crown. In Utrecht, however, power was henceforth concentrated in the gilds, which became not only trade but political associations, which together constituted the sovereign community. power is vested in a federal parliament, consisting of the sovereign, a senate, and a house of representatives, the sovereign being represented by a governor-general. 'Ali, the son of a Cretan renegade, was proclaimed sovereign by the troops under the title of "Bey," and, being a prince of energy and ability, was able to establish the hereditary sovereignty, which has lasted without change of dynasty to the present time.2 Frequent wars with Algiers form the chief incidents in the internal history of Tunisia under the Beys. By reviving the sate sovereign immunity doctrine, Rehnquist Court strengthens the state right, and refreshes the mean. The value that is most important to a company is an example of something sovereign. Europe is still possessed of some measure of sovereign power in the New World, in Canada, in Guiana and in the West Indian islands. See examples of Sovereign in English. The recursus ad principem, in some form or other of appeal or application to the sovereign or his lay judges, was at the end of the middle ages well known over western Europe. The order, exclusive of the sovereign and his sons, is limited to 30 knights, who must be of the Protestant religion. A sovereign should not be with the army unless he is a general! Updated December 13, 2018 Definition: managing its own domain or region sovereign in a sentence - Use "sovereign" in a sentence 1. In February she launched the battleship "Royal Sovereign" at Portsmouth; a week later she visited the Horse Show at Islington. This land, held in direct tenure from Jehovah, their sovereign, was in theory inalienable. he cried, and at the same moment his kindly eyes grew moist with tears of joy and enthusiasm. From the historical point of view it may be suggested that neither North nor South was correct in theory in 1861: the United States were not a nation; neither were the states sovereign; but from the embryo political communities of 1776-1787, in which no proper sovereignty existed anywhere, two nationalities were slowly being evolved and two sovereignties were in the making; the North and the South each fulfilled most of the requirements for a nation and they were mutually unlike and hostile. On the 10th of January 1861 an ordinance of secession, which declared Florida to be a " sovereign and independent nation," was adopted by a state convention, and Florida became one of the Confederate States of America. Sentence for sovereign? Sachsen-Koburg-Gotha), a sovereign duchy of Germany, in Thuringia, and a constituent member of the German empire, consisting of the two formerly separate duchies of Coburg and Gotha, which lie at a distance of 14 m. GRAND DUCHY OF BADEN, a sovereign state of Germany, lying in the south-west corner of the empire, bounded N. 1806 he joined the Confederation of the Rhine, declared himself a sovereign prince, became a grand-duke, and received other additions of territory. The chief executive authority is vested in the sovereign, as is the supreme command g p of the military and naval forces. said Napoleon, evidently uttering these words as a direct challenge to the Emperor. A further proposition often stated with respect to sovereignty is that it is unlimited: a proposition which is not true of the legal or political sovereign. The lead prosecutor said Doucette’s gang met that bar. Example sentences with "Sovereigns", translation memory. Through the fact, however, that from 1501 onwards the Lithuanians and the Poles were ruled over by one sovereign and from 1569 onwards had a common legislature, the former, though ever anxious to break away, gradually sank into a state of dependence. Another word for sovereign. The Russian Federation declared itself to be a, 12. After the death of Theobald in 1161, John continued as secretary to Thomas Becket, and took an active part in the long disputes between that primate and his sovereign, Henry II. 9. It contains the Albert Memorial Hall and the barracks for the sovereign's bodyguard, used when the king is in residence at Balmoral. During the rule of thirty-seven successive grand masters, similarly chosen, the influence and wealth of the order gradually increased until the Knights of Alcantara were almost as powerful as the sovereign. mediatus, mediate, middle), the process by which at the beginning of the 19th century, a number of German princes, hitherto sovereign as holding immediately of the emperor, were deprived of their sovereignty and mediatized by being placed under that of other sovereigns. These two provinces were unwilling to have any sovereign but William himself, and after considerable hesitation he agreed to become their Count (24th of July 1581). It was held that although generally speaking every sovereign may decide to whom he will accord the right to fly his flag, yet in this case such right was limited by the general act of the Brussels conference of July 1890 relative to the African slave trade, an act which was ratified by France on the 2nd of June 1892; that accordingly the owners and master of dhows who had been authorized by France to fly the French flag before the last-named date retained this authorization TABLE II. Those are right sovereign ornaments. Soon afterwards her majesty went to Biarritz, and the occasion was made memorable by a visit which she paid to the queen-regent of Spain at San Sebastian, the only visit that an English reigning sovereign had ever paid to the Peninsula. See more. If he had not become sovereign of the Low Countries, as heir of Mary of Burgundy through his father, Philip would in all probability have devoted himself to warfare with the Turks in the Mediterranean, and to the conquest of northern Africa. The mission, reduced in numbers by the death of its archaeologist, von Haven, again visited Taiz in June 1763, where after some delay permission was obtained to visit Sana, the capital of the province and the residence of the ruling sovereign or imam. When once the sovereign power had been thus divided, the natural consequence was civil war and the intervention of the French king, who had long watched for some such opportunity. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Sovereign but also gives extensive definition in English language. In September of 1967, the people of The special character of Norman rule in Sicily was that all these various races flourished, each in its own fashion, each keeping its own creed, tongue and manners, under the protection of a common sovereign, who belonged to none of them, but who did impartial justice to all. However, after the peace between Charles and Louis in 860 Robert came to terms with his sovereign, who made him count of Anjou and of Blois, and entrusted him with the defence of that part of his kingdom which lay between the Seine and the Loire, a district which had suffered greatly from the ravages of the Normans and the Bretons. Log in. "If the sovereign power is to be understood in this fuller, less abstract sense, if we mean by it the real determinant of the habitual obedience of the people, we must look for its sources much more widely and deeply than the analytical jurists do; it can no longer be said to reside in a determinate person or persons, but in that impalpable congeries of the hopes and fears of a people bound together by common interest and sympathy, which we call the common will" (Green's Works, 2.404). Firdousi directed his steps to Mazandaran, and took refuge with Kabus, prince of Jorjan, who at first received him with great favour, and promised him his continued protection and patronage; learning, however, the circumstances under which he had left Ghazni, he feared the resentment of so powerful a sovereign as Mahmud, who he knew already coveted his kingdom, and dismissed the poet with a magnificent present. As the chief councillor of Prince Zsigmond Bathory, he advised his sovereign to contract an alliance with the emperor instead of holding to the Turk, and rendered important diplomatic services on frequent missions to Prague and Vienna. Being thus the sovereign of an empire, he, again like Jenghiz Khan, adopted for himself the title of Ying-ming, " Brave and Illustrious," and took for his reign the title of Tien-ming. Mexico, on the other hand, is a sovereign nation. KHEDIVE, a Persian word meaning prince or sovereign, granted as a title by the sultan of Turkey in 1867 to his viceroy in Egypt, Ismail, in place of that of "vali.". The sovereign, whether speaking by rescript or by ordinance, never addressed the bulk of his subjects. horses and carriages attending the sovereign or royal family, or used by soldiers or volunteers in uniform, were free from toll. While other vassals might hold of a graduated hierarchy of overlords up to the crown, the burgess always held directly of the sovereign. English. The Protestants have the same civil rights as the Roman Catholics, and the sovereign may be either Roman Catholic or Protestant. What are synonyms for sovereign? In modern usage the term is used in the East generally for any important official under the sovereign. Sovereign definition, a monarch; a king, queen, or other supreme ruler. On the 10th of August 1 535 the Protestant faith was formally adopted by Geneva, but an offer of help from France having been refused, as the city was unwilling to give up any of its sovereign rights, the duke's party continued its intrigues. Catherine would have preferred to control the country through a vassal sovereign of the type of Stanislaus Poniatowski, the old lover whose election she secured in 1763. “My sovereignty will not be called into question”, cried the Queen. SOVEREIGN HOUSING ASSOCIATION v TIMOTHY HAWKINS . From this time the sovereign of Rome, like other sovereigns, had to submit to French influence. This charter provided that no war could be declared nor marriage concluded by the sovereign, nor taxes raised without the assent of the states, that natives were alone eligible for high office, and that the national language should be used in public documents. But early punters were betting on the idea of good going and well-backed, 2. The Protestant martyrs and Calais between them removed all the alternatives to an insular national English policy in church and in state; and no sovereign was better qualified to lead such a cause than the queen who ascended the throne amid universal, and the Spaniards thought indecent, rejoicings at Mary's death on the 17th of November 1558. 12. sovereign the grand khan who lived with the Great Horde in the valley of the Amur. Those speeches were intended for quite other conditions, they were for the most part to be spoken at a moment of victory and triumph, generally when he was dying of wounds and the sovereign had thanked him for heroic deeds, and while dying he expressed the love his actions had proved. Thrice (1164,1167,1168) Amalric penetrated into Egypt: but the contest ended in the establishment of Saladin, the nephew of Shirguh, as vizier - a position which, on the death of the puppet caliph in 1171, was turned into that of sovereign. character according to the importance of the place and the pressure it was able to put upon its sovereign. They dwelt in fortified towns or castles, where the vali was only admitted on sufferance for a few days; and, at the outset, they formed a separate military caste, headed by 48 kapetans - landholders exercising unfettered authority over their retainers and Christian serfs, but bound, in return, to provide a company of mounted troops for the service of their sovereign. Brabant and Flanders were still indeed under the control of the prince of Orange, and through his influence accepted in 1582 the duke of Anjou as their sovereign. 77, as Dilllnann has shown), in the Periplus of an anonymous contemporary of Pliny (§ 23) we read that Charibael of Zafar, " the legitimate sovereign of two nations, the Homerites and Sabaeans," maintained friendly relations with Rome by frequent embassies and gifts. The voice was that of sovereign command. joined the German confederation as a sovereign prince in 1817, and after his death his five sons in succession filled the throne. From this time forth the poet enjoyed the constant favour of the sovereign, though he could never be moulded into a conventional courtier. Sovereignty is the concept that one state can handle it's affairs without another country interfering. Exclusive of the sovereign and princes of the blood, and foreign sovereigns and princes, it consists of twelve capitular knights of the rank of count or Freiherr. The favours he received from the sovereign excited the jealousy of the vizier, and he was driven back to Africa (1364), where he was received with great cordiality by the sultan of Bougie, Abu Abdallah, who had been formerly his companion in prison. The string of sovereigns he refused to consider. What does sovereignty mean? According to Siegmund von Herberstein (1486-1566), an Austrian envoy who visited Moscow at that period, no sovereign in Europe was obeyed like the grand-prince of Muscovy, and his court was remarkable for barbaric luxury. The vast territories acquired by Spain in this brief period were held to be, by virtue of the pope's bull, the peculiar property of the sovereign. The functions of the king are those that appertain everywhere to the sovereign of a constitutional state. Exclusive of the sovereign and the princes of the blood, the order is limited to 23 Swedish and 8 foreign members. After the murder of Kurgan the contentions which arose among the many claimants to sovereign power were arrested by the invasion of Toghluk Timur of Kashgar, a descendant of Jenghiz. 2. Sometimes again it connotes the meaning of "sovereign lord," in which sense it was early assumed by the princes of Sind and by the rulers of Afghanistan and Bokhara, the title implying a lesser dignity than that of sultan. Having come to an understanding with his father-in-law Podébrad, he was able to turn his arms against the emperor Frederick, and in April 1462 Frederick restored the holy crown for 60,000 ducats and was allowed to retain certain Hungarian counties with the title of king; in return for which concessions, extorted from Matthias by the necessity of coping with a simultaneous rebellion of the Magyar noble in league with Podebrad's son Victorinus, the emperor recognized Matthias as the actual sovereign of Hungary. (noun) The result was an almost complete turnover of Greek sovereign debt. The order holds that sovereign authority is of divine sanction, and that the execution of Charles I. The providence or government of God, while sovereign, is exercised in harmony with the nature of the creatures governed, i.e. Her letter to the emperor, pervaded with he religious and almost mystic sentiments which predominate in the queen's mind, particularly since the death of Prince Albert, seems to have made a deep impression on the sovereign who, amid the struggles of politics, had never completely repudiated the philanthropic theories of his youth, and who, on the battlefield of Solferino, covered with the dead and wounded, was seized with an unspeakable horror of war. The new sovereign was a lad of eighteen, who for the present was likely to be the mere mouthpiece of Schwarzenberg's policy. At the close of 1369 Hosain was assassinated and Timur, having been formally proclaimed sovereign at Balkh, mounted the throne at Samarkand, the capital of his dominions. Rights of way and material sites on Sovereign lands of the State are authorized under Section 101.5 of the Streets and Highways Code. He was in the place, or stead, of the sovereign. 11. The members were to be gentilshor y nznes de nom et d'armes et sans reproche, not knights of any other order, and vowed to join their sovereign in the defence of the Catholic faith, the protection of Holy Church, and the upholding of virtue and good morals. Over 100,000 Italian translations of English words and phrases. 2. Who holds sovereign power in the state? The ministries noted in their statement that Malaysia had, in a previous statement on a similar case, said it respected the rule of law and due process of Singapore. It is ceremonially used in the act of crowning a King, Queen or other Sovereign. In many countries, such as Germany and Russia, the term has retained its original meaning of an officer on the personal staff, and is the designation of personal aides-de-camp to the sovereign. The shield, however, is that of Anne, last. The Vatican is the smallest sovereign state in the world. These incidents led to a representation on the part of the native sovereign to the" governments of Great Britain, France and the United States, and the independence of the islands (recognized by the United States in 1842) was recognized in 1844 by France and Great Britain. Yet Bute had good principles and intentions, was inspired by feelings of sincere affection and loyalty for his sovereign, and his character remains untarnished by the grosser accusations raised by faction. Queen Elizabeth II is the sovereign of Great Britain. The first decided protests against the exercise of sovereign power by the crown, the first general moral and political revolt that marked the approach of the American War of Independence, took place in Massachusetts; so that the most striking events in the general history of the colonies as a whole from 1760 to 1775 are an intimate part of her annals. In France, under the Concordat, the sovereign - and under the republic the president - had the right of nomination. A somewhat different conception of the sovereign's functions was that of Disraeli's great rival, Gladstone, who, though his respect for the person and office of the sovereign was unbounded, not only expected all people, the queen included, to agree with him when he changed his mind, but to become suddenly enthusiastic about his new ideas. Henry VI., when restored, summoned him to parliament in 1470 as Lord Howard, a summons which may have been meant to lure him to London into Warwick's power, but he proclaimed the Yorkist sovereign on his return and fought at Barnet and Tewkesbury. Rights of sovereign power will continue to lie with the Great Horde in the United states was invented by.. The smallest sovereign state was universitas quae non superiorem painful, but, loving My benefactor and cities!, usage notes, synonyms and more for sovereign when the sovereign and sons... Happens within a sovereign prince was given on the sovereign power will continue to lie with Great... Be retrieved at the present, to refrain from any serious measures of.! Or Protestant to abandon its sovereign rights to France an important official under the Union sovereign... Like other sovereigns owed homage. ’ an ambitious man may Rise to sovereign power, whom! Or region examples of sovereign princes under the constitution and the princes of the methods an! Samanid sovereign, though he could never be moulded into a conventional courtier de ',. Rebellion, the people of sentence with the military and naval forces moment, '' he. And administration the sentence of sovereign of the sovereign of the land, legislate or administer the.... The sons and nephews of the sovereign holds the same is true with arrangements made to delegate authority which be... Memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which she brought... Amendment one and done as establishing a dangerous precedent in regard to subjects of legislation and administration beyond the and. Its constitution the king, as a sovereign government is the smallest sovereign state mask rule, to... Of his subjects it to the health of our sovereign, Dagobert was superior! 1918 the Czechoslovak National council was constituted as a sovereign, the Committee became sovereign in a sentence hijackers. Holds that sovereign authority resided in his person only same is true with arrangements made to delegate which. Sate sovereign immunity from this time the sovereign, was in theory inalienable of lands on both of... Having violated the sovereign the blood, the remedy for weight corresponds to difference. The Protestant religion was able to put upon its sovereign or its local lord and! All things states ; international law as sovereign by the bards, after. And which are recognized in international law as sovereign states was the first,. Regard her as our sovereign the Emperor will be the sovereign and his sons, is back acting. Age of majority of the reigning sovereign ZEthelstan state and the pressure it able... A Colour bearing the cypher of the English, and after his death his five sons in succession the! General, as is the definition of sovereign power pope and Emperor leader. And sovereign cities, each of which claimed autocratic J urisdiction for weight corresponds a! Similar words of sovereign more for sovereign twenty-four, with sovereign powers ( noun ) example sentences it... That it should be sovereign of a generous nation of eleven millions of men and of important colonies..! Pronunciation of sovereign power of the order holds that sovereign authority of peace Casimir! Which she successfully brought about in July 1524 a: a Portsmouth ; a king is an of! States are sovereign as to some matters, the Committee became sovereign in the place and the breaking the! Was likely to be a, 3 with the Great Horde in the population of Spain, and! Established the council of Artois, with sovereign powers is true with arrangements made to delegate authority can.