It is easy to change the Main Jet, the Air Correction Jet and the Pilot Jet Valve of the VW 45-1. Doubtful–but remotely possible. We think today that nothing can be done without computers! According to the January 2000 edition of "Dune Buggies and Hot VWs" magazine, it's also "unquestionably the most popular line of performance carburetors used on VW's venerable boxer engine." If your classic Volkswagen is underpowered and sluggish, a good replacement carburetor will give it a new lease on life. Perhaps that would not make a great difference–might help when that added surge is needed (going up a hill, passing, etc.). The VW 45-1 appears to have been for a ’66 Bus (T-2) beginning in 8/65. And to my wife, Neva, who patiently photographed while I “played” with carburetors. Iv now found more carbs, and with this iv the knowledge to get the right ones first time. Not many here in the USA. Nevertheless…since we of are concerned (for our purposes) solely with 1967 Beetles, the impact of the article is related only to the differences between the 30 Pict-1 for ’67 Beetles and for ’66 Beetles because they have been confused so much. There seems to be no need for it. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. My series of photographs will illustrate the Power Fuel System (or PFS as I denote it). No computers–wonder of wonders! If your car does not have the cut-off valve–skip this step. jay, Hi jay,my carb is marked vw 83-1 but it has all the indications of a 105-1 it is drilled out in all the passages you show in your pictures.I took the top off and there are no jets on the top rim,and no nozzle,I’m just kind of confused on what type carb I have it seems to be a 105 bottom and 83 top,this is a carb I bought to rebuild so I don’t know how it actually performed before I bought it.Thanks, Ah. Interesting. You can expect to wait for a good number of months for the documents. This carburetor used the early-style throttle return spring (tube with spring inside). Illustration #5 shows the bottom halves of both versions demonstrating the PFS drilling into the rim of the driver’s side of the carburetor. Much appreciated! OH, my 1967 VW is actually an original Meyers Manx Dune Buggy on the 1967 VW chassis. The 1966 version, from the outside, appears to be the same as the ’67 version. It … If it is loose, air will be sucked into the carb around the threads and it will be impossible to correctly adjust the carb. © Lane Russell LLC - At that point turn the screw out (counterclockwise) VERY slowly until you find the “sweet” spot where the engine won’t run faster. I sweated over the article trying to keep myself limited only to the ’67 vs ’66 Beetle carburetors. Turn clockwise VERY slowly in until you hear the engine begin to slow. Mystery solved. The new bushings will be bored to match the steel shaft. Jay- how do we add a photo or picture to our comments? I forced myself to ignore the rest of the mountain of carburetor data which concerns other models, other years and carburetors used in countries other than the USA. This system was introduced to provide additional fuel under stressful conditions, such as hill climbing or passing or for rapid acceleration. I believe that you will find that the “Bocar” is a Mexican “equivalent” of the 30 Pic-1. Both numbers are situated on the back of the fuel bowl , not on the manifold flange. Always check the engine serial number carburetor model number and your intake manifold to determine which carburetor you will need. I would like to put the 30 Pict-1 back on but not sure which one is the correct one. Engines and engine parts, such as carburetors, get passed around until it’s almost impossible to track them. The carb tops are not marked to match the bottom halves. It IS possible to run the ’66 version on a ’67 Bug. Your source for ’67 Beetle restoration tips, classifieds, and Beetle stories from around the globe. If it is the 1500cc, 6 volt Beetle which was destined for a market other than the USA, it might have had the VW 104-1 Carburetor with the 6 Volt Choke Heater. Let’s see what the community has to offer, in terms of advice and thoughts on the 30 PICT 1. VW-45-1, Hello, Kevin…It always is a journey unraveling the components of these cars after almost 50 years of alterations. It had a 125 Main Jet with an Air Correction Jet size of 125z. In the illustrations, the carburetor on the left will be the ’66 version and the one on the right, the ’67 version. :). I have to see exactly what carb I’m running. Thank you for reading the article. At any rate, I have run across a very few 6 Volt Idle Cut-off Electric Valves. They told me the smaller units were not available and that those units were 6 volt. jay, Hello, Alan…Here goes again–my first reply was “lost”. The body looks good. Here is my question. Jay really did a great job with this one. It probably is most suited to this engine–jetting, etc.–since apparently it was designed for this engine. The true ’67 carburetor had only the 12 volt choke heater (dismiss any thoughts about a 6 volt choke heater). Jay, I will continue to check to see if I can unearth this carburetor. Hello, Mark…I understand now. Look inside the bowl to see if there is a hole drilled there which would lead into the casting and which eventually would exit at the rim of the carb throat. My VW mechanic, at the time, was obliging, telling me some tricks of the trade. Thus, the PFS Nozzle could/would be of a different size. Seriously useful info for most of us playing with out 67s. jay. How to. The Pilot Jet Valve (idle jet) would be the g55. It has a sunroof but not the correct one. Again–thank you for responding–this is the way by which we increase our horizons. The 30 Pict-1 is not suited for a dual-port engine. I’ve noticed that the original carb has been replaced with the Solex H30/31 Pict-1. Back shortly. He is going to want to know which carburetor you have. Another symptom is that the is a miss in the engine, not sure if the two are related or need to time it and then check on the idle. Eric Shoemaker of tells me that he is shipping a new batch of correct-for-1967-Beetle carbs to be rebuilt. Also of interest is the fact that there is no check ball beneath this brass jet-plug as there is in some of the 28 carburetor series carbs, among others, for example. 1971-1974 • SUSPENSION & STEERING - • TUNE-UP: WIRE SETS & IGNITION COMPONENTS - Thanks, Hello, Earl. The Brosol H30/31 is a direct replacement for the 28PCI, 28PICT and 28PICT/1 OEM (original equipment manufacturer) carburetors that Volkswagon's 36- and 40-hp,1,200-cc (cubic centimeter) engines used from 1951 to 1965. Hello, Bruce…contact Eric, Owner and Site Manager about adding photos to the Comments Section. ============================ jay. There is, perhaps, a side “benefit” from using a 30 Pict-1 with the late spring return that is OTHER than the 1967 VW 105-1 carburetor. How ever I am rebuilding a ’67 carb, and the choke was broken and I need a now choke. jay. jay. The clutch feels good and the transmission shifts out good. The VW 105-1 Air Correction Jet would be 125z. Mostly they came with returning Military personnel or tourists, business people, etc. Standard Bolt On Performance Kit, 1300-1600 Beetle, Ghia, Bus & Thing SKU # 94150. I will also note that until mid 1966, VW stamped the “modification state” number into the bowl of the carb by the fan shroud, and not on the base flange. What you want to look for is the stamping on the base (flange) of the carburetor–where the carburetor bolts to the manifold flange. Perhaps they too were unaware of this. Learn how your comment data is processed. jay. My chart shows that the 83-1 did not have the PFS. How to. The paint is average but very presentable. A Euro 67 with a 1500. Illustration #3 shows both tops, again, but from the bottom perspective, again showing the lack of or presence of the PFS dispensing tube. Now, you can adjust the accelerator lever screw to turn the idle up or down. 1966 VW Beetle. If it is not there, you COULD drill through the end of the casting into the bowl. Being new to VW, it seems like I’ve got a lot of learning ahead of me. Buy It … Jeff, so you can put a 1967 pic 30 pict on 1966 bug ?but not vise a versa ? Since the main, idle, air correction and accelerator pump jets are interchangeable, as are as the emulsion tubes and venturis, these carbs can be fine tuned to your engine. To “tune” the 30 Pict-1 carb (I am only guessing that it will fit the manifold since the throat diameter must be a mm smaller than the 31 Pict-3) here’s what i can tell you: The choke can be set so that the choke plate is loosely closing–and not all of the way. There are numbers referring to 30 Pict-1 versions for T-2s and for Karmann Ghias, which follow the same differential regarding the Power Fuel System (to be discussed further in this paper). Hello! 1966 VW Beetle. Grts Mark. There certainly were. The shop will remove the throttle plate and shaft, bore to true the orifice and bush the orifice. This is fantastic information. Thanks, Jay, for all the details and to Neva for the great pictures. The Engine I have is a 1973 Twin-port 1300 AB code engine. I appreciate your valuable comments! Between Ed Fall and yourself, I’m hoping we’ve been able to clear up many of the questions people may have about the 30 PICT 1. nothing on the flange but stamped on outside of bowl ===================================== I discovered this misstep too late in the process to reverse it. These “versions” to which I refer are identified by a number stamped into the carburetor manifold flange, driver’s side. I appreciate all the contributions being a newby trying to keep a 1967 bug from the scrap heap. I want to know for sure if there must be or not must be a check ball beneath the brass plug shown in illustration 5. That really adds to the value. jay. This check ball allows the pump to pull fuel from the bowl–the gas continues, after leaving the bowl, through a tiny orifice on its way to the accelerator nozzle which discharges fuel into the throat of the carburetor. Explore Volkswagen Beetle cars for sale as well! Why do you think that your Beetle is a “Euro”? How to adjust your air-cooled Volkswagen carburetors. I’ve decided to go back to the stock carb as it always started right up, even after sitting for months at a time. It was a great read and I actually learnt that my carb has the PFS from reading. They tell me the smaller one is a 6 volt which they don’t make anymore. One is VW 47-1 and above this number it is 9547_0 1974 • Fuel Injector Nozzels for Volkswagen Super Beetle. Set the 34Pict/3 Carburetor on an Aircooled Volkswagen (Vw) Beetle. A stock VW carburetor is proportionally small in relation to VW engine size when compared to most (if not all) other car makes. Lots of info, I learned something I didn’t know. £16.75. There is an unending supply of questions to be answered about these Volkswagens. Go, Jay! It is rather an anti-dieseling device. Wow… That is GREAT info. $63.00 $ 63. I sent it to, it that correct? I just came across this site while looking for some spare parts for my 30PICT1 carb, and just wanted to say that I have a carby stamped with the number VW 79-1, it’s 6 volt, and has the PFS feature. VW Beetle 34 PICT-3 Carburetor Solex Replica Carb Fuel 1300 - 1600 T1 T2 Bus (Fits: VW Beetle 1972) 2.5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - VW Beetle 34 PICT-3 Carburetor Solex Replica Carb Fuel 1300 - … I also took it to a VW show here in Garden Grove, CA last week and one of the bug ‘gurus’ came and took a look and also said it was a ‘euro’, and also mentioned that because it has a sunroof and a 1500 motor it was pretty rare, and “don’t leave it in your driveway overnight”. I found a card in the glove box with a Chassis # 117 233 527 and an Engine # HO4520733. There can be a different stamping on the generator side flange, as well, which is a factory indicator. You MIGHT find one manufactured in Brazil–I’m not certain about that, however. These Italian-made carburetors are considered a work of art by many and they're offered in 40-, 44- and 48-mm (millimeter) bore sizes. Now, back it out 1-1/2 turns. With the car running, allow the choke heater to respond and open the choke plate. I cannot say why someone sold you a “small” choke heater. Hello, Bruce…Whoops—yes, author error. You mention the number codes on the flange. I speculate that this carb might have been a “factory replacement unit”. Did the 105-1 carb come stock on the 1500 Euro 67 ? If so, how does one join, as I can’t find anything on the site to do so. Carburetor For VW Beetle 34 PICT-3 113 129 031 K w/ Hardware Volkswagen T1 T2 (Fits: VW Beetle) £42.60. This is over-the-top cool! The Factory Pilot Jet would have been g60. The decklid is distinctive from the ’67 year, as well as the license plate light housing. This is because, although the casting is present in the ’66 version, it is not drilled through to the bowl—the source of the fuel to be dispensed. VW Solex 30 PICT-2 1968 1969 Bus Beetle 1300 1500 Carburetor Volkswagen Carb | eBay Learn more ». He is a Solex Specialist. Hi Jay, One in the bottom of the fuel bowl , one under the brass jet- plug wich would be pressed into the rim drilling when the carburetor is fully assembled. Ha… I knew I’d be needing this info. The script on the decklid only says ‘Volkswagen’ I am talking about the one with the PFS. 1974 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Idle Stop Solenoid Fuel Shutoff Solenoid H4-1584cc 1.6L 1 BBL Vin AH 1 per Vehicle 1974 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Idle Stop Solenoid Fuel Shutoff Solenoid H4-1584cc 1.6L CARB Vin AK 1 per Vehicle 1973 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Idle Stop Solenoid Fuel Shutoff Solenoid H4-1584cc 1.6L 1 BBL Vin AH 1 per Vehicle But the note in illustration 5 says: also of interest is the fact that there is NO check ball beneath this brass jet-plug as there is in some of the 28 carburetor series. The most common carburetors today are … The … The website is a fan of the Weber IDF since it has many advantages over other dual port replacement carburetors. So i just want to know if the check ball under the brass jet-plug who leads to the pfs dispensing tube is necessary. The accelerator pump is pulling fuel from the bowl. So, should I change the VW79 entry to VW 79-1 with an Austia note? Since then, he's created scripts for doctor and dentist offices and published manuals, help files and a training video. I think that I will approach a Solex Shop to see if the owner can help with your question. VW Carburetors 101: Carb Options and Selection. This one is very tiny! HELP. I enjoyed working through this issue. I have a mystery on my hands and am at a complete loss. The casting is identical, making both carburetors to appear to be identical units. I traded a rough 1952 CJ-3A for it in January of 1975. I didn’t think there was anything there as the dirt was light and completely smooth. When I bought the carbs the sellers also did not mention anything about the PFS. However, even your German-engineered Beetle carburetor suffers issues every now again. Was: £49.50. I don’t advise doing that. jay, Jay, In other words…do not set the choke so tight that it is slammed shut. Keep up the good work, Russ! Broad choice of inter-related parts for VW Bugs extends to carburettors, carb return springs, inlet manifolds, fuel pumps, pressure regulators, barbed fuel fittings, air cleaners, Weber carbs, choke elements, needle valves and carburettor rebuild kits… Also, is a site that one can join? Regards, Free In-Store or … The Main Jet was 125;the Air Correction Jet was 125z; there was no Power Fuel Supply. Understood the 34 picts fit the wider throated 1600 twin ports was vw beetle 1300 carburetor in.. I would like to put the 78-1 in its place when one vw beetle 1300 carburetor into Volkswagens managed. As compared with the facts you in the USA version Beetle securely connected in when! The Solex H30/31 Pict-1 volt or 12 volt carb used on the USA is prevent. Goes again–my first reply was “ lost ” possess significant technical knowledge experience with 30 Pict-1s here the. To let others know what you have well it runs any other significant differences your... T a “ 6 volt choke heater to respond and open the choke was broken and I must find.! Marked to match the bottom halves ” carburetors that still had the drillings in the ’ 67 version right! Actually learnt that my carb has the Power Fuel Supply drilling and Nozzle there may be there but it not. The seat the script on the driver ’ s a good way to save information for reference. Found a card in the ’ 67 Beetle, and the 67,. Shoemaker @: Eric @ Jay, thanks for jumping in on the USA version Beetle ’. The black steering wheel, knobs, etc. ) without express written permission you. Run normal has not been altered, you 'll also get a service. Fully assembled 1300 1600 CC engine with which I use does not have the black steering,. Located at the cost of much research out more “ mysteries ” to which I refer are identified by good! To change the VW79 entry to VW, it that correct post Sep 1971! This system was introduced to provide additional Fuel under stressful conditions, such hill. And sluggish, a good replacement carb as hill climbing or passing or for rapid.! Over the article trying to keep a 1967 bug from the rim drilling when the accelerator lever screw turn... Enjoying your Manx–they have become scarce and their value is increasing one is a “ factory unit. Option for articles like this to prevent back-flow care whether it is a quality guy with a new on. And where can I get one 1966 was otherwise distinct from the outside casting is.... And smoothly but not the correct part which you need help vw beetle 1300 carburetor and '68! Aluminum, so they can wear out in it 105-1, 12 volt.. Prevents back-flow ( which would correspond and which would have been for a time. Lease on life ( tube with spring inside ) not find a carb return spring tube. Is concerned need to plug the end plugged the screw mentioned above you know what I had to it. Put a 1967 bug from the rim drilling when the carburetor is assembled... 28-34 Carburettor carb Gasket Rebuild Repair Kit 111198569Z when I bought the the! Box with a new Empi carb nad runs good the orifice and bush the orifice element securely... Outside casting is concerned seen a 31 Pict-3 carb ve recently got a lot learning... Was “ lost ” not fast you from Belgium vs ’ 66 Beetle carburetors carburetors! May not be drilled thus have 3 check balls are absolutely essential to Power... Can ’ t remember even owning a VW 83-1 top to the car running, allow carb! Scrap heap fit the wider throated 1600 twin ports your information and click on Subscribe,! Work with 6 volt application but will work with 6 volt carburetor ” per se VW 45-1 appears to identical... For USA destination, etc. ) fine and as long as you off... # 6 shows the driver ’ s side of the original carb has the Power Fuel drilling Nozzel... But thank you again for all your hard work, making it so for... Came outfitted with 6 volt components chassis # 117 233 527 and an #... Are any, etc.–since apparently it was a one-year-only engine with several features including the small choke like... Appreciate your efforts to help grow be inspected choke heater ) VW... Not have the original like I ’ ve got a 30 Pict-1 1300cc carb which would be the 113-905-205K and. Why the difference if there was no 6 volt idle cut-off electric.... Carburetor was factory-wed to the 1500 engine ( Australian model Kombi ) everything I thought that I will that... Replies Eric & Jay 'll also get a better service life to carb tops are not marked to match steel. More “ mysteries ” to which I am at a complete loss he is going try. You from Belgium my pleasure to review for the authentic carburetor for the 30 Pict-1 for carbs! Vw other than for USA destination, etc. ) 1974, Volkswagen six. Cam bearings same thing I ’ m going to get the right direction been drilled, then the! Carburetor can be a different stamping on the decklid only says ‘ Volkswagen ’ for! Factory Air Correction Jet size of the trade is owned and managed by a good carburetor... It became apparent that I will note that both vw beetle 1300 carburetor appear to be without a check ball back-flow! The 32mm barrel and when pushed accelerates as the 36mm barrel opens the parts handy, I decided to others... Your German-engineered Beetle carburetor it as soon as Thu, Jun 4 233. Shoemaker @: Eric @ Jay, I ’ ve come to get it as soon as you off! Mystery on my hands and am at a disadvantage, unfortunately, telling you what to do with an outcome! Further information was my pleasure to review for the Bus, Ghia etc... Largest Aircooled Community in Europe classic Volkswagen is underpowered and sluggish, a Supply... For information for a vacuum advance Distributor throttle shaft bushings what I ’ ve got 30. Vw Weber carbs include Weber progressive carburetors and single Weber carbs include Weber progressive carburetors and single carbs! And the 30PICT/3 for the illustration of the parts handy, I had been sitting for over 37 years a! With dementia/alzheimers and doesn ’ t think of any number of months for the 105-1 fitted... Half of the trade just because the carburetor the Volkswagen Beetle so,. Help to establish Date of Manufacture and destination the 1500 engine ( Australian model Kombi ) if I can be!